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I setup my first online business back in January 2010.
Since then I’ve gone on to generate millions in affiliate commissions. I’ve made the leap from promoting other people’s products to owning and promoting my own products.
I’ve spoken at sold out events where the speakers (including myself) taught their own methods for creating an online business that generates income on autopilot even while they slept.
Whenever I speak at these events or people recognize me at other events where I’m just and attendee (and not a speaker) they stop me and ask many questions but there’s one question that comes up more often than other and that’s this;
“Kevin, if you had to start all over again from scratch, what would you do and how would you do it?”
Although there are always slight variations in the manner in which the question is asked, the just is always the same. People basically want to know after everything I’ve seen and experienced online, what would I do TODAY to set up a lucrative, thriving online business.
So I decided to gather and organize my thoughts then put together an outline for how I would make this happen.
Before I go deeper into the overview of how I would do it I need to mention one important thing.
This method requires money!
Not a lot but it’s not free.
Serious business people and entrepreneurs all understand that you need to advertise to grow your business. The skill with online advertising is learning how to predictably spend $1 and generate $2+ in revenue.
As a matter of fact, I believe there’s nothing such as free traffic or free ways to put a product or service in front of an audience consistently, on demand and at scale.
If you look around online you can find a bunch of courses teaching you how to make money using free traffic. The problem with that is, you usually have to SPEND a ton of time to generate “free traffic”.
Isn’t your time worth anything?
My time is the most expensive asset I have and any successful person I’ve met personally feels the same way.
So with that out of the way, here’s what I would do if I had to start all over again;
  1. Select My Niche & Research The Market (the people and their wants, needs and desires)
  2. Create An Awesome Lead Magnet
  3. Setup Funnel, Drive Traffic, Collect Leads And Giveaway Lead Magnet
  4. Provide Value Via Emails And Monetize The List With Relevant Offers
  5. Test, Optimize And Automate